Emergency Dentistry in Flower Mound

If you have a severe toothache, knocked-out tooth or loose crown, you might be unable to maintain your daily activities. You may need urgent dental services to correct the problem. Call our dentists in Flower Mound for emergency care.

Emergency Dental Care

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Where Can I Get Emergency Dental Services?

Urgent dental services, including surgery, are available at our emergency dental office when you need them. It’s essential that you don’t wait to call us for an appointment. Your oral pain could be a sign of a problem that may worsen and cause you more suffering if you delay your visit. Our goal is to see you as soon as our dentists are available, meaning we will try our best to give you an appointment for the same day that you call.

How Much Is Emergency Dental Care?

The cost for emergency dental care is a common concern among our patients. We don’t charge fixed prices for our services; instead, we base your emergency dental care costs on your specific situation. Your overall bill will take into account the severity of your emergency, the contribution from your insurance and any necessary follow-up appointments. Your dentist will discuss all of these costs and your treatment options during your initial visit.

Emergency Dental Services

What Are Urgent Dental Care Services?

Our emergency dental clinic in Flower Mound will help you improve your oral health. Look at the below services for some of the procedures that our dentists perform:

Emergency Extractions: Our emergency dental clinic tries to save damaged teeth, but we may be unable to if there’s too much damage. If we must remove a tooth, we’ll address any discomfort with anesthetic and other relevant approaches.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: Wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to emerge. Sometimes, they can cause intense pain or an infection develops. Contact our emergency dental office if you have a lot of discomfort because of wisdom teeth eruption.

Root Canals: A root canal is an urgent dental service that removes the infected pulp in a tooth. It can prevent the need for a tooth extraction and eliminate pain.

Root Canals for Children: Children with infected tooth pulp could need root canals to avoid losing their natural teeth. Our gentle dentists can make them feel comfortable.

Tooth Extractions: Along with providing emergency extractions, our dentists perform routine tooth removal procedures for injured or decayed teeth.

When Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

It’s time for you to get emergency dental services near you when you have any of the following symptoms or conditions.

Abscessed Teeth: An abscessed tooth occurs when the root becomes infected. This causes fever, oozing gums, swelling and other side effects. It often requires immediate treatment because of the associated pain.

Cracked or Broken Teeth: Broken and cracked teeth can develop infections when you don’t get treatment. Contact our dental office as soon as you damage a tooth or multiple teeth.

Fractured or Broken Jaw: Emergency dental care is necessary when you break or fracture your jaw. Don’t wait to visit an emergency dentist if you have a crooked bite or feel pain in the jaw or face.

Lost, Broken or Loose Crowns: Your tooth is susceptible to damage if its crown becomes lost, loose or broken. Our dentists can revive your smile by replacing it.

Dental Infections: Your could develop an infection in your gum line if you don’t get regular teeth cleanings. Our dental team can provide treatment and education about how to avoid this problem going forward.

Knocked-out Teeth: It’s natural to be scared when you knock a tooth out, but we might be able to secure it back in to place for you. If possible, insert it into the socket again until your appointment. Otherwise, keep it in a cup of cold milk.

Loose or Lost Fillings: A lost or loose filling can cause further decay in your tooth if you don’t replace the missing filling. Visit our urgent dental clinic to receive a replacement.

Severe Gum or Facial Swelling: It can be dangerous to ignore facial or gum swelling. We can determine the cause, relieve discomfort and provide treatment.

Severe Toothache: Don’t put yourself at risk by waiting for persistent pain in your mouth to go away. Visit our office for urgent dental treatment and comfort.

Is Urgent Dental Care Expensive?

Our dentists in Flower Mound understand that an emergency makes you worry about urgent dental care costs. We strive to make our services affordable and work with your dental insurance to get the maximum benefits from your policy.

In addition, we’re a MetroCare preferred provider. This cost-effective dental policy can make many urgent or regular dental procedures more affordable whether or not you have insurance. You pay only $129 a year to be a member and save 20 to 80 percent on cosmetic services, orthodontics, routine dental care and more. You can even use the MetroCare Dental Plan with your insurance. Find out more by contacting us today.

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