Root Canals in Hickory Creek

In the past, dentists had no other option but to remove teeth with damaged nerves. Current tools, however, allow them to save these teeth and restore a patient’s smile. Visit our dentists for root canal treatment in Hickory Creek if you think that a tooth has damaged nerves or you are experiencing a lot of oral pain. We can use this therapy to preserve your smile.

Root Canal Procedure

Root Canals in [GEOID]

If you have a severely damaged tooth, our dentists could provide the help that you need. We can explain and answer your questions about the root canal treatment process. You can have healthier, better functioning teeth after the procedure, if you’re a good a candidate for it.

What’s the Procedure for a Root Canal?

If our dentists recommend that you need a root canal for a decayed tooth, don’t let fear of the procedure make you hesitate. Dentists perform root canals on millions of teeth every year to restore oral health and eliminate pain.

There’s a soft tissue called pulp inside of every tooth, located under its dentin and white enamel. It contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue that support root growth as teeth develop. When your teeth fully develop, they no longer need this soft tissue to survive. Instead, the surrounding tissue provides support.

A root canal procedure is necessary when the pulp in a tooth becomes inflamed or develops an infection. These issues can occur because of a faulty crown, structural tooth damage or deep decay. Without treatment, you’ll likely experience pain and could develop a dental abscess.

When you get root canal treatment, the dentist will remove the infected or inflamed pulp from your tooth. Then, the remaining space will be cleaned, disinfected and filled with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The tooth is also covered with a natural-looking crown that restores its function and appearance, allowing you to talk and chew without issue. During this process, we use anesthesia to help you remain comfortable.

Should I Visit a Root Canal Dentist or Specialist?

When a root canal is recommended to you, your first question may be if you need a specialist. The answer depends on the complexity of your case. A general dentist can perform a simple procedure, but a specialist might be necessary for a complex procedure. Our endodontists are specialists who can treat teeth with complex or multiple canal systems, including those in molars.

When you visit our dental office in Hickory Creek, your dentist can determine whether or not we can provide treatment after an assessment. We’ll also provide an outline of your treatment plan along with estimated costs. Don’t wait to get help for oral pain. Contact our dentists now to make an appointment.

How Much Is Root Canal Treatment?

We understand that you may worry about how much a root canal costs. However, you shouldn’t delay undergoing the procedure because you could end up losing your tooth. Also, the infection might spread to other areas of your face or neck without treatment. Remember, too, that root canals can be necessary to relieve severe dental pain.

Root canal costs are determined based on the severity of each case and which tooth has the infection. Most of the time, it includes the procedure cost and the price of the dental crown. Fortunately, dental insurance considers root canals to be a medically necessary treatment, so most policies cover at least part of the cost. It’s important that you still contact your insurance provider to determine how much it will contribute.

At our dental practice in Hickory Creek, we aim to make root canal treatment affordable as well. Part of that effort goes toward helping you get the most benefit out of your dental insurance. We also do what we can to find other solutions that meet your needs if you don’t have dental coverage. You could qualify for a dental payment plan or have the ability to pay for the treatment in installments.

There’s still time to restore your smile if you have extensive decay or a tooth infection. Instead of giving up on your teeth, call our dentists in Hickory Creek for more details about getting a root canal. Make an appointment today.

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