Emergency Dentistry in Hickory Creek

Has your daily routine been disrupted by a cracked or abscessed tooth or other oral discomfort? You might need urgent dental care to relieve the pain. Visit our dentists in Hickory Creek to get emergency dental services.

Emergency Dental Care

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Where Do I Find Urgent Dental Services?

Don’t wait to call our emergency dental office for a visit. Calling right away is important in order to avoid making the problem worse and causing yourself more pain. We aim to see patients as soon as possible in emergency situations. To ensure that your dental emergency doesn’t get worse, we even offer same-day appointments when possible. Our dental professionals can provide emergency dental surgery and other emergency services that you might need at our urgent dental clinic.

What Is the Cost for Emergency Dental Care?

It’s common for our patients to ask us about the cost of emergency dental care procedures. Since every case is different, rather than set fixed prices for urgent services, our dental clinic charges you depending on the level of care that you need. We also take your dental insurance into consideration when we estimate your overall bill. If you need a follow-up visit, your overall cost will reflect that as well. Your dentist will explain all of your options and the estimated costs during your appointment and after conducting a thorough examination.

Emergency Dental Services

What Types of Emergency Dental Services Are Available?

Our emergency dental treatments in Hickory Creek can help you regain your oral health. We offer a variety of dental procedures, but the most common ones are explained below.

Emergency Extractions: Our urgent dental care office strives to save damaged teeth when we can. When it’s not possible, we make sure that you’re comfortable while we remove the affected teeth by performing an emergency extraction.

Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extractions: The final set of teeth that you get are your wisdom teeth. As these teeth emerge, an infection could develop or you might experience pain if they are crowding other teeth. Call our dental office if your wisdom teeth are painful or you think you have an infection.

Root Canals: A root canal is a procedure that our dentists use to save a tooth and relieve oral pain. It’s necessary when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed.

Root Canals for Children: A root canal could help your child retain his or her natural teeth. Our dentists have a gentle touch and experience working with children.

Tooth Extractions: Along with performing urgent tooth removal procedures, we extract decayed or injured teeth as a routine service or as preparation for a dental device.

When Do I Need Urgent Dental Treatment?

If you have any of the problems or symptoms below, then you should seek out urgent dental services in your area.

Abscessed Teeth: The root of your tooth is infected when you have an abscess. The symptoms include swelling, extreme pain, fever, oozing gums and more. You must urgently seek dental care.

Cracked or Broken Teeth: Cracked and broken teeth are at risk for infections if you delay getting treatment. Reach out to our dental clinic if one or more of your teeth become damaged.

Fractured or Broken Jaw: You need emergency dental services as fast as possible if your jaw breaks or fractures. Contact our dentists if you have pain in your jaw or face, or if your bite feels crooked.

Lost, Broken or Loose Crowns: Having a broken, loose or missing crown leaves your tooth vulnerable to damage. We can replace the crown to restore your healthy smile.

Dental Infections: If you don’t get regular dental cleanings or delay treating a dental problem, your gum line could develop an infection. Our dentists can treat it and teach you how to avoid developing another one.

Knocked-Out Teeth: You might be scared if you knock out one of your teeth. However, our dentists might be able to save it. Put the tooth back into its socket without touching the roots. Alternatively, you can place it into a cold cup of milk until you see us.

Loose or Lost Fillings: Having a missing or loose filling means that your tooth is vulnerable to further decay. Visit our emergency dental office to get a replacement.

Severe Gum or Facial Swelling: Ignoring swelling in the face or gums isn’t safe. Our dental clinic can ease your discomfort while diagnosing and treating the problem.

Severe Toothache: If you have persistent pain in your gums or teeth, don’t wait for it to dissipate. Get urgent dental care for fast relief and treatment.

Is Emergency Dental Care Expensive?

Our dentists in Hickory Creek understand that emergency dental care treatment costs can be worrisome. We aim to offer affordable services and ensure that your dental policy covers as much of the bill as possible.

Our dentists even accept the MetroCare Dental Plan. This dental discount plan provides a cost-effective way to reduce your normal and urgent dental care costs. For an annual membership fee of just $129, it saves you 20 to 80 percent on orthodontic treatment, routine dental services, cosmetic procedures and more. You can use it if you don’t have insurance, or combine it with your dental policy. Reach out to us for more information today.

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