Root Canals in Dallas

In the past, severely damaged teeth often had to be pulled by a dentist. However, modern dentistry has allowed dentists to save diseased teeth and preserve patients’ oral health. With root canal therapy, you can eliminate the need for an extraction while alleviating oral pain and discomfort. Get in touch with our dental office today if you suspect you may need a root canal procedure.

The Root Canal Procedure

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Our dentists are experienced in endodontics and root canal therapy, saving our patients’ teeth from severe damage. If you are experiencing oral pain or have a broken or decayed tooth, contact our office to find out whether root canal therapy is right for you. After the straightforward, pain-free procedure, your smile’s function will be restored.

What Is a Root Canal Therapy Treatment?

We understand that many patients feel anxious when a root canal is necessary. Many of our patients ask, “Will a root canal hurt?” It’s important to know that root canal therapy is not painful – in fact, it is used to eliminate pain caused by inflammation. Every year, millions of teeth are saved through this straightforward procedure.

Root canals are necessary when the pulp, a soft tissue located under the dentin and white enamel, becomes infected or inflamed. Nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels are located inside the pulp. The pulp is essential during a tooth’s development, but after the tooth is fully grown, it can survive without the pulp.

Some common causes of pulp inflammation include deep dental decay, faulty tooth crowns, or injury. It’s important to schedule a root canal as quickly as possible if your dentist recommends it, as failing to do so can result in complications. Untreated dental infections can develop into abscesses and can even spread to other areas of the face or neck.

When administering a root canal, the dentist gently removes the infected pulp and cleans and disinfects the affected area. Once the tooth is fully cleaned, the dentist will fill it with gutta percha, a rubber-like substance. A natural-looking crown is placed to protect the tooth from additional damage. The crown will look and function like a natural tooth, allowing you to chew and speak confidently. Root canals are administered with anesthetic, meaning that you’ll experience no pain during treatment.

Do I Need a Dentist or Endodontist to Perform My Root Canal Treatment?

If a root canal is required, you may wonder, “What dentist near me offers root canals?” You’ll find the answer at our practice. Our experienced dentists perform most root canals in our comfortable, modern facility. Complex root canals, including treatment for molars and other multi-canaled teeth, may need to be performed by an endodontist. During your appointment, our dentist will examine the affected tooth and determine whether the procedure can be done in-house. The dentist will also explain your options for treatment and payment.

Will a Root Canal Be Expensive?

When a dental procedure is necessary, many patients have questions about the cost of care. Getting a root canal shouldn’t be delayed – failing to receive treatment can result in tooth loss or further complications. The infection could spread to other areas of the face or even cause a dental abscess. Plus, any oral pain you are experiencing may be resolved by a root canal.

The price of root canal therapy is determined by the severity of your case and the tooth that must be treated. The cost also includes the procedure itself as well as any necessary restorative treatment, such as a dental crown. We also know our patients have been wondering, “Will my insurance cover a root canal?” It is important to know that most plans cover the procedure because it is medically necessary. Our team members will review your insurance information and ensure you receive the maximum benefits as outlined in your insurance plan. Even if you don’t have a dental insurance plan, a root canal can be affordable with the help of a dental discount plan or flexible financing.

We’re committed to helping patients restore their dental health through our affordable services. If you’re suffering from a dental infection or oral pain, don’t delay treatment. Contact our office to find out whether root canal therapy can restore your smile and stop your discomfort today.

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