Fillings, Crowns, Bridges & Dentures in Dallas

Dental Crowns

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How Are Dental Crowns Used?

Dental crowns are permanent caps that are used to cover one or more damaged teeth. They provide strength to damaged teeth and improve the appearance of teeth that may be misshapen or out of alignment.

Are Dental Crowns Costly in Dallas?

The cost of a dental crown in our office in Dallas will depend on your unique needs. Factors that will influence the final cost include the number and location of the crowns and the materials used. Call us today to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Dental Bridges

How Are Dental Bridges Used?

A dental bridge is used to restore stability and function when teeth are missing. Bridges are available in several styles and your dentist will help you determine which style of bridge is best for your unique needs. Call us today in Dallas for more information.

How Much Do Dental Bridges Cost?

The cost of your bridge will depend on the number of teeth involved, the location of the missing teeth, the type of material you choose, and your insurance benefits. We strive to maintain competitive costs and offer several affordable payment options.


What Types of Dentures Are Available in Dallas?

Our office in Dallas offers several types of dentures and your lifestyle and preferences will determine the best type of denture for you. We know that cost is usually a factor, so we offer several payment options to make dentures affordable for you. Call our office to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Are Dentures Costly in Dallas?

The cost of your dentures will depend on your unique circumstances. The type of dentures desired, the materials used, your overall dental health, and your insurance plan benefits all factor in to the final cost. We have several payment options that will help make your dentures affordable, so give us a call.

Do Full Dentures Work Well?

Full dentures that fit well and have been properly constructed should function as well as your natural teeth. There may be limitations on biting, so be sure to ask your dentist if you have any questions or give us a call.

Do Partial Dentures Work Well?

Partial dentures are ideal for those who have missing teeth but either don’t need or don’t want a full set of dentures. Partial dentures need to be removed and cleaned, so good dental hygiene is important.

Would Flipper Teeth Work Well?

If you have one missing tooth or if you have a few missing, flipper teeth are an excellent interim measure. They’re intended as a temporary measure though, they shouldn’t be used as a permanent substitute for missing teeth.

Should I Get Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures are very popular and most of our patients get them in two office visits. During the first visit, we’ll fit you for your permanent dentures. During the second visit, usually in three to four weeks, we’ll remove your teeth and install your permanent dentures. Occasionally, a patient will require additional office visits, but usually two visits are sufficient.

Dental Fillings

Do Dental Fillings Last a Long Time?

Dental fillings are permanent installations that are intended to last a long time, but they can fall out or loosen. If this happens, call our office in Dallas to schedule an appointment for new fillings.

How Much Do Dental Fillings Cost?

The cost of your dental fillings will depend on the size and location of the fillings and the materials used. Fillings are usually considered medically necessary and are covered by insurance.

What’s a Composite Filling?

A composite filling is used to replace small and medium-sized cavities. They are tooth-colored and usually require longer to install than a metal filling. Call our office in Dallas for more information on composite fillings.


How Do Dental Onlays Work?

Dental onlays are installed over the cusp of a tooth when the existing filling needs to be replaced or removed. Onlays are typically used for larger cavities.

Do Onlays Cost a Lot?

The cost of an onlay will depend on your dental circumstances. Your dentist will provide you with a cost estimate during your appointment in our office in Dallas.

What Are Dental Overlays?

Dental overlays are similar to onlays but overlays are used for more extensive coverage. Overlays are very durable and are ideal for restoring larger areas.

Are Dental Overlays in Dallas Costly?

The cost of your dental overlay will depend on the complexity of your needs, the materials used, your insurance benefits, and any additional work that you need. Call our office today in Dallas for more information on dental overlay pricing.

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